About Us

Barbuda Rentals offers an exclusive lineup of island vehicle rentals for your stay in Barbuda! Whether you are coming for the day or staying for weeks, our cars are always ready for you to get behind the wheel, and explore. Discover Barbuda the right way - in a Barbuda Rental. 

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Owner & founder

Kris Trunzer, owner and founder of Barbuda Rentals, created Barbuda Rentals following Hurricane Irma in an effort to encourage tourists to discover the natural beauty of this remote island.  This young entrepreneur has followed in his family's footsteps (successful owners of Barbuda Cottages), starting his own business on the small island of Barbuda.  

A true Barbudan, Kris was raised in Barbuda, living part-time in Toronto, Canada. With his knowledge of the island, he can direct you to world famous Princess Diana Beach, Two-Foot Bay caves, and all of Barbuda's other unique attractions, allowing you to explore the land of sea and sun to it's full potential.